Our Mission


SALT MINE CHURCH endeavors to spread the love of Jesus Christ through God’s Word. It is our passion to see families restored; men and women, boys and girls, taking their rightful places in the Kingdom of God. We share God’s principals of wisdom, love, forgiveness, and delivering power, through the life, death and resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ.




We are a family church

...a place where the entire family is ministered to and can grow together in God.


We are empowering children

...and youth to get involved in ministry by creating an environment that fosters growth in our children, a dependence on God for their lives and a desire to serve others.


We are a place of Worship

...gathering in one place producing one sound and waiting to hear God’s voice.


We are a house of Deliverance

...exposing every lie of the enemy through the light of God’s Word! The truth will make us free.


We are an Outreach Center

...reaching our community and abroad sharing the love of Jesus through networking and meeting the needs of families.


We are a Training Center

...helping men and women of all ages to fulfill the call of God on their lives by training and equipping them for the mission field.


We are a House of Prayer

...with a team of dedicated believers who know and understand the purpose of Prayer, and praying for those in authority in our nation and the body of Christ.


We are a Resource Center

...with the ability to reach our members and new ministries in establishing a solid biblical foundation.


We are a Supernatural Church

...a place where religion has no place and a relationship with God takes center stage standing in expectancy for miracle signs and wonders.