Saltmine Logo Page

This is a resource page for church staff, designers, and printers to access Saltmine source files

Color files are saved for RGB (screen use: web and projection) and CMYK (print use)

Black and white files (1-color) are for any one-color application, including t-shirts, fax headers, rubber stamps, cut vinyl banners, etc. The graphic is simplified and flattened for those purposes and the background is transparent

Original Adobe Illustrator CC files are stored here (zip archive)

Vector files saved to Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) are here (zip archive)

Rendered files saved to higher quality JPG, PNG, and TIF are here (zip archive) // note: It’s impossible to anticipate the exact use you may have for a rendered file, so these are just guesses for general use. You should generally use EPS files or open EPS and render (to bitmap) for the size and application you need.